Southern Style Takes New York

When I moved to the city I quickly learned that my Southern sense of style wouldn’t fly on New York streets. Anyone who knows me is familiar with my partiality to floral prints, vibrant colors, and patterned pants from J. Crew.

It took me approximately one day to realize that New Yorkers’ favorite colors are black, black, and any other dark hue that resembles black. This was a shock to say the least, considering the fact that my closet resembles that of someone going to daily garden parties or afternoon tea (a girl can wish, right?).

In due time, I embraced my new surroundings realizing the New Yorker’s love for black makes them look effortlessly chic. Hoping to blend in a tad bit more, while also staying true to my Southern style and graduate student budget, I took a trip to Zara to vamp up my look. And guess what! I found a way to infuse florals as well.

Check out the look below and stay tuned as I continue to explore my new hybrid of style. Stay cute my dears!

Why yes, those are magnolia flowers on my dress!
Dress: Zara, Shirt: J. Crew, Shoes: Calvin Klein, Backpack: MochiThings



The Comforts of Home

I call it Southern Shabby Chic. This is how I have chosen to infuse the comfort of my Southern home into my NYC apartment. Most of the items found in my little studio on the West side were found at HomeGoods (my personal favorite for well priced home decor), Southern antique stores, and Michaels. I love DIY projects and my passion came out in the form of whimsical paper details. Check it out!