Southern Review: Top things you can get delivered in NYC


The rumor is true – you can get anything delivered to your apartment in NYC. Check out some of my favorites below!

  1. Food, Food, Food (Seamless) – To be honest, I was a Seamless holdout for my first several months in the city. I archaically walked into nearby restaurants ordering food to-go, and called the diner down the street directly to have my grilled cheese delivered. It took a push from a friend to get me to finally sign up. In simplest terms, my life was revolutionized. Seamless effortlessly connects with my PayPal account and the ability to tip online is an added bonus. You don’t truly appreciate the convenience of ordering naan from the Indian restaurant below your apartment until it’s a rainy day and you don’t want to change out of your pajamas.  
  2. Levain Cookies (Sweetist) – Perhaps one of the top five happiest moments of my life was find out that Levain could be delivered to my apartment in under an hour. If you live in New York then you know the horror that is the 74th Street Levain line. Stretching down the block, it’s not rare to stand in line for 20-30 minutes for the prized cookie. Sweetist, much like Seamless, cuts the line for you and delivers direct to your home. The only downside is they have a four cookie minimus ($16), but when you think about it is that really a downside?
  3. Water (ReadyRefresh by Nestle) – Having water delivered has completely eliminated the spectacle that is me dragging a 24-pack of water all the way from Duane Reade and up my three flights of stairs. What’s even better is that the service is cheap. I have a 24-pack of Poland Springs delivered to my door every couple weeks for the mere price of $4.99.
  4. Groceries (Instacart) – I discovered the perks of Instacart when I was sick and couldn’t make it to the grocery store. The service conveniently did my Whole Foods shopping for me after I selected all of the items I wanted online. They even send you quick text updates if they can’t find you the products you want. Sign up for a delivery time and presto! You’ve got groceries. The service was about $10 more expensive than if I were to shop myself but totally worth the convenience while sick. I like to browse so I only use the service when I’m in a pinch.
  5. Duane Reade (Instacart) – Word on the street is that items from Duane Reade can be delivered, too! I haven’t tried it yet but the service is definitely on my list of things to do in the city. I’m in the store almost everyday so I can imagine how much better my quality of life would be after giving it a try.

What are your favorites? Share in the comments below!

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