What Season Is It Anyway?

I would like to formally issue a retraction of my earlier statement in which I declared that it is not spring in New York. I was horribly wrong. It is summer. Just check the temperature in my tiny studio apartment. The thermostat currently reads 85 degrees (that is about 29 degrees Celsius for all of my friends outside the States). Yeah, let that sink in for a second.

At this exact moment I am flat on my back on the floor of my apartment fighting off heat!

Okay so that is a little dramatic, but I am currently wearing my pink monkey pajama shorts and an old college t-shirt as if it is the middle of July in the Carolinas. I’m even slightly glistening (in case you didn’t know already, Southern girls don’t sweat).

At this point, Non-New Yorkers might ask the seemingly logical question of why I do not simply turn on the air conditioning. Well one side-effect of living the classic New York lifestyle in the cute little walkup apartment is the waving away the rights to control your own air and heat. Your super has all the power when it comes to this aspect of your life. Want it warmer? Shoot him a text and he’ll reply in about 3ish business days. Want it cooler? Well, try sending three more messages. I actually suggest saving your super’s number in your phone. And don’t be coy. It’s not that kind of relationship.

At this point, the New Yorker might ask the more logical question of my I do not simply open my windows. The reason – bugs. I am terribly, horribly, undeniably scared of bugs. That fear has intensified since moving to New York. I wish I had a more rational reason.


I am afraid that if I open my windows – especially while I am sleeping – that a bug will crawl in. Anyone else have that fear?

They say everything is bigger in New York (actually, that might be Texas), but no one ever said that the bugs were bigger too. Laugh now but just wait until you experience it for yourself. Look out for the full NYC bug story to come.

So, what season is it for you? Comment below 🙂

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