Wine There’s No Place Like Home


Recently, I took a trip back to my roots. Well sort of… I left the city and went down South for a couple of weeks to visit Atlanta and my hometown in the suburbs of North Carolina. Now that the semester is over and I’m starting my job for the summer, I can take some time to do what I love.

As you can tell from the photos what I love includes a good sundress, a glass of wine, and a few friends by my side.

Perhaps the highlight of my time back in the South were the days spent with my friends in North Carolina. There’s nothing like a girls reunion. An old fashioned sleepover with s’mores and a RomCom turned into a full day of wine tasting at the vineyards.

We took a mini road trip to Monroe, North Carolina to tour Treehouse Vineyards. A gorgeous property speckled with elaborate treehouses and acres grapevines.

The vineyard is truly a hidden gem. The type of place in which you don’t know you have arrived until you have truly arrived. A drive down a gravel road and rock laden path led my friends and I to an experience beyond our imagination.

Our trip had been a last minute plan, and the result of a lazy Google search between glasses of sangria the night before. An enticing Groupon sealed our decision. To our surprise, it was the vineyard’s spring festival and the property was speckled with local vendors and some of the best bbq in the area.

Check out the photos below from my beautiful photographer friend (also named Amber) and let me know some of your favorite hidden gems in, out, and around the city! 😉

IMG_4490 IMG_4488 IMG_4496 IMG_4476

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